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Alethea Gold

Writer & Producer

Alethea Gold is a renowned international children’s fashion stylist, specializing in photo shoots, production management, project co-ordination for fashion parades and fashion photo shoots for magazines & advertising. Alethea has over 20 years experience, having worked in over 30 major cities around the globe, including in Australia, USA, UK, Italy, NZ, France, India, Fiji, Bali, Mexico, Seychelles, Tahiti, New Caledonia, Africa, Vietnam, and currently China. Alethea also uses her talent and connections to help children's charity causes around the globe. To date, she has raised over US$4 million dollars for charities, including organizing US$1 million worth of clothing and medical supplies for Tsunami victims in Banda Aceh. She lives in Sydney with her husband and two children.

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