About the Book

The Children of China is a stunning photographic
journey capturing all of China's magic and has
shown the world it's incredible beauty through the
eyes and faces of its children.

This unique photographic book showcases children
from provinces all over China including Tibet, Inner
Mongolia the Silk Road, and Hong Kong, contrasting the charm of the old China with the excitement of the new modern China.

Photographed by world-renowned children's photographer, Luca Zordan and styled/ produced by renowned international children’s fashion stylist Alethea Gold, all proceeds from the sale of the book and the exhibition have been donated to to support the Hong Kong-based Chi Heng Foundation.

Distributed during the Beijing Olympics, the book had tremendous corporate support and is now in its 4th print run. Having already held 3 exhibitions with 2 more in the planning stages, the 'Children of China' raised a lot of money through corporate sales for Chi Heng Foundation (CHF) and continues to do so today. All money raised is used by the Foundation to support the Summer Camps for HIV/ Aids affected orphans living in Central China.

We are honoured to have been able to include in the book a beautiful and inspiring foreward by Jackie Chan, a wonderful philanthropist tirelessly committed to championing worthy charitable causes.

We are very fortunate to have had the full support of the Chinese Government for this special project.


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