The photographer Luca Zordan and author Alethea Gold are donating all proceeds from the sales of the book to support the Hong Kong-based Chi Heng Foundation.

Chi Heng Foundation has earned international awards for their work with children in China.

The Foundation currently looks after thousands of children orphaned or affected by AIDS/HIV in over 220 villages in Henan Province and around Central China.

As well as prevention programs, the Chi Heng Foundation provides support for AIDS orphans, not by placing them in orphanages, but by placing the children locally and with relatives to allow them to grow up in a familiar environment with other non-AIDS impacted children.

The funds generated from the Children of China book are used to support music therapy classes, art therapy programs and summer camps. We chose these programs to help keep the children feeling motivated and happy, and to make them smile.

For further information about the charity please visit their website.


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