Print runs


In February 2008, a special edition was made for the
Chinese Government to use as a corporate VIP gift
during the Beijing Olymics. Copies were sent around
the world to Chinese embassies.


In July 2008 the book was delivered to all the corporate companies who bought it to use as a gift for their VIP's who were at the Olympics in Beijing. 

Coca Cola printed a special edition on recycled paper, and it was used as their signature gift which they put onto the pillows of their VIP guests on their last night at the Beijing Olympics.

DHL delivered the book free from Beijing to the corporates who bought the book outside of Beijing all around the globe including to Russia, USA, South Africa, Italy, Australia, UK, Hong Kong, Italy, Hawaii, Switzerland and Japan.

China Intercontinental Press (the Publisher in China) sold the book around China to bookshops, hotel lobby's and airports during the Beijing Olympics and afterwards as well.

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Left: Alethea and Jessie with the DHL team counting and packing the books to be sent out on a day when it was over 30 degree heat!



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